Innovator of the Year Award

The BU Innovator of the Year Award recognizes an individual who translates his/her world-class research into inventions and innovations that benefit humankind.

The BU Innovator of the Year is awarded to one outstanding BU faculty member, who in the past year has:

  1. Conducted peer recognized world-class research; and
  2. Translated this research by developing IP protected product(s) or process(es) of significant value to society that were adopted for practical use or have a high probability of being adopted.

The BU Innovator of the Year Award highlights the critical importance of translational research at Boston University. The award recognizes an entrepreneurial faculty member and the potential for commercialization and wider adoption of his/her inventions.

The Innovator of the Year Award is presented annually at the Tech, Drugs, and Rock n’ Roll event. In 2016, the event will be held on July 12, in the Metcalf Ballroom at the GSU.

Innovator of the Year Guidelines

For the first time in its history, the Innovator of the Year Award nomination process is open to faculty and staff across campuses – we’re excited to hear your input!

  • Eligible nominees are full-time faculty on the tenure, research, and clinical tracks who have made substantial progress towards commercializing their innovations.
  • We seek to recognize work developed or completed at BU that has come into existence relatively recently; successful innovations will be currently on sale, close to market, on the path to development.
  • All disciplines and fields, as well as social, business, and teaching model innovations, are welcome.
  • The work submitted for consideration does not need to be disclosed to Technology Development.
  • Closely-collaborating teams may be eligible on a case-by-case basis.
  • Faculty, staff, and students may submit nominations. Self-nominations are allowed.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be judged on the following criteria:

  • The “BU Story” – was the technology or innovation developed or created while at BU? Preference will be given to technologies or innovations developed from work carried out at BU.
  • Impact – How many people will the technology or innovation affect? To what degree? How do you measure this impact?

Nomination Process

Nominations should be thorough but concise. Submissions will be reviewed by a faculty committee of previous Innovators of the Year. Please keep in mind that the reviewers may not be familiar with your area of expertise and descriptions should be written with this consideration in mind. Descriptions should clearly articulate the commercial value of the technology or innovation.

Please use our online form to submit your nominations. The following components are required:

  • List of patents filed, if any;
  • Brief (500 word or 3,000 character) description of work commercialized or currently in the process of commercialization, including:
    • Summary of technology or innovation;
    • Status of product’s dissemination, reach, or market penetration;
    • Impact of product or discovery on society.
  • Stage of commercialization (proof of concept, under license, or currently being sold).

The deadline to submit nominations is May 23, 2016.

View examples of previous recipients: Innovator of the Year