Applications to Industry (MED)

Getting Started:

  • Clinical research at BUMC: All applications for industry-funded clinical research (e.g., human subjects research requiring IRB approval)¬†performed at Boston University Medical Campus must be submitted to¬†OSP-MED.
  • Non-clinical research at BU: All applications for non-clinical industry-funded research performed in Boston University space are submitted to OSP-MED.
  • Non-clinical research at BMC: All applications for non-clinical industry-funded research to be performed in Boston Medical Center space are submitted to BMC’s Grant Administration.
  • Unsure to which space your clinic/lab belongs? Consult the OSP-MED Space Matrix (on Proposal Preparation Information page).

Application Submission:

For each new industry-funded study, submit the following application materials to the Industry Research Administrator:

  1. Instructions and Checklist for applications to industry sponsors.
  2. Proposal Summary
  3. Project-specific disclosure (conflict of interest form, on Research Compliance site)
  4. Copy of assurances (IRB, IACUC, etc.) unless pending review

Resources for budget development:

  • Investigational Drug Service: Policy and Procedure (BMC manual)
  • Local fees for investigator-initiated protocols
  • WIRB procedure and fees for multicenter protocols
  • BMC pricing for use of hospital ancillaries, contact Alexandra Hui
  • Reminder about F&A rate: BU’s F&A rate for all industry-funded, clinical, IRB-approved research is 30% on Total Direct Costs (TDC). TDC includes all direct cost items, including but not limited to per-patient costs, administrative fees, IRB fees, and pass-through expenses. BU’s F&A rate for industry-funded, non-clinical research is the same as the DHHS-negotiated rate for the type of research. See the BU Information sheet [Quick Link at right].

OSP-MED Industry Contacts:

Anne Clark, J.D.
Associate Director, Contracts & Agreements
Phone: 617-638-5263
Fax: 617-638-4686
Elizabeth Alcock
Senior Research Administrator
Phone: 617-638-5347
Fax: 617-638-4686