Boston University is dedicated to preserving the public’s trust, and expects all faculty and staff to maintain the highest standards of conduct in pursuing research activities. The University is committed to providing resources to facilitate high-quality research, depth of knowledge, education of students, and the promotion of public welfare. Boston University adheres to federal and sponsor laws and regulations, as well as to the regulations and policies developed by the University.

Stewardship of any research enterprise is a shared responsibility between those who conduct research and the institution at which that research is undertaken. It is essential that researchers address all of the obligations associated with the use of external or institutional funds. Failure to do so may result in sanctions against the institution as well as its faculty and staff. This handbook provides an overview of the University’s program of compliance, which begins with documentation of policies, practices, procedures, and controls, and proceeds to the delineation of roles and responsibilities, and the programs dedicated to educating investigators and staff about those roles and responsibilities.