Re-budgeting of Funds

9.4 Re-budgeting of Funds and Prior Approval
During the conduct of the project, the PI/PD may determine that budget changes are necessary. Many sponsors allow flexibility in how project funds are expended and permit budget changes as needed to meet project requirements. PI/PDs need to be aware of the specific requirements for their awards and to request prior approval for budget changes when necessary. Some grant awards allow budget changes to be managed at the institutional level. However, significant changes to a budget almost always require prior approval by the sponsor, as do changes in the objectives or scope that significantly alter an original statement of work. Actions that may be considered a change of scope include the following:
• Substitution of one animal model for another.
• Any change from the approved use of animals or human subjects.
• Applying new technology.
• Transferring the performance of substantive programmatic work to a third party.
• Absence or change of key personnel may require the prior approval of the awarding agency and is normally required for any absence of the PI/PD for a period of three (3) months or more. A substitute PI/PD may be named or the award may be relinquished. In general, changes in key personnel named in the notice of grant award whose expertise is critical to the approved project must also have prior approval.
• Foreign travel may require special review, even when it has been included in the initially approved budget.
• Issuance of subcontracts or sub agreements not included in an original proposal.
Any request for modification sent to the sponsor must be in writing and must be reviewed and countersigned by OSP. Some sponsors require prior notice up to 90 days.