Pre-Award/Late Award Account Set-Up

8.7 Pre-Award/Late Award Account Set-Up
Pre-award costs are permissible under most federal grants and allow the institution to incur certain costs up to 90 days in advance of the actual award start date, or in advance of delayed receipt of an award. A request for approval of pre-award costs may be made by the PI/PD or the department by submission of a completed IPAS Form that has been signed by the PI/PD and by the department chair or dean. In the event that the award is not forthcoming, the department or school will be responsible for any pre-award costs incurred. Requests for pre-award accounts should be directed to OSP. Pre-award cost for contracts many not be institutionally approved; however, the contracting agency may authorize pre-contract costs if negotiated by OSP and accepted by the agency.
For Additional Information see: Award Administration