9.2 Personnel
Appointments of all personnel to sponsored projects are subject to the Human Resource policies of the University. Payment of all personnel is effected through the University’s Personnel/Payroll System and is administered in the departmental/college business office.

9.2.1 Faculty and Staff Salaries
A research project should be charged with a portion of each employee’s institutional base salary equal to the portion of time or effort devoted directly to the project unless an approved portion is “cost shared” by the University. For a faculty member with a nine-month appointment, one month of effort is one-ninth of his/her academic year salary. Salary increases can be charged proportionally to the project if they can be accommodated within the project budget.

9.2.2 Summer Salaries
Most sponsors will provide for compensation of faculty members with nine-month salary bases during the summer months at their regular University salary rates when included as part of the project proposal. Submission by the University of a proposal that provides for summer salary does not imply a University commitment to pay such salaries in the event that the sponsor does not provide for summer salary in the project award.

9.2.3 Additional Compensation
Project funds may not be used to increase the regular compensation of the PI/PD or other University staff members. Additional compensation, when provided, is subject to the policy in OMB Circular A-21, section J.10.

9.2.4 Graduate Research Assistants

Graduate students should be budgeted at the standard salary level set annually by GRS/ENG. Adjustments may be made for post-comprehensive and post-prospectus students. Fringe benefits on graduate student salaries should be budgeted at the applicable graduate student rate.  Please refer to the Proposal Preparation Information page for specific rate information.

Effective July 1, 2011, the University will be employing a fringe benefit rate for certain populations of graduate students on the Medical Campus.  Please refer to the Proposal Preparation Information page for specific rate information.

9.2.5 Postdoctoral Associates
Postdoctoral Associates must be paid as employees of the University. Stipends are specifically unallowable on NIH research awards (the R, S, U, N, and P series).