Protection of Confidential

7.8 Protection of Confidential or Sensitive Proposal Information
Proposals may contain sensitive information, including both personal and scientific materials that the PI/PD may not wish to have distributed publicly. Federally funded applications are a matter of public record and must be made available as stipulated by governmental regulations for audit and review. PI/PDs will be notified of any requests for access under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and will be provided an opportunity to review the application for any information that may be withheld under applicable law. Proposed responses to FOIA requests should be reviewed with the OSP before submitting the responses. Most private sponsors also have audit and review requirements as conditions for acceptance of their funding. Any questions about inclusion of proprietary or other confidential information should be referred to the appropriate OSP office.

7.8.1 Labeling of Proprietary Information
Pages of an application should be labeled as proprietary and confidential if they would otherwise disclose information that is pending patent protection. The OSP will provide information on how to label the cover page and appropriate pages in the application.