Pre-Award Audit

7.5 Pre-Award Audit/Additional Information

Some sponsors may require additional proof or supporting materials to document a proposed budget prior to award. PI/PDs should maintain a file of all supporting materials used in the development of a project budget. Examples of items that should be retained include copies of all price quotes for equipment, documentation of all travel costs, animal care costs, etc.

A sponsor may wish to support a proposed project at a reduced level of funding. If requested, a revised budget should be submitted to OSP for review and submission. Unless the revision imposes additional cost-sharing or space requirements, or significantly affects the proposed F&A recovery, there is no need to submit the proposal through the same approval channels as the original proposal. Reductions in proposed budgets should be evaluated to determine whether there is a change in the PI/PD’s level of effort or to the scope of work. PI/PDs should not negotiate directly with external sponsors, and if contacted directly by a sponsor regarding the terms of an award under discussion, they should be refer the sponsor to the appropriate OSP officer.