Environmental Health and Safety

3.3 Environmental Health and Safety

The mission of Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) is to provide a safe environment for students, employees, faculty, and staff as well as patients and others studying, working in, or visiting BU facilities. The department’s programs provide for a safe environment and also help to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local codes and regulations. EHS has five divisions that establish the Boston University and BMC comprehensive safety management structure. These divisions include Research Safety, Campus and Clinical Safety, Radiation Safety and Medical Physics, Emergency Response Planning, and Environmental Management. Technical areas that make up these divisions include biosafety, laboratory safety, chemical safety, controlled substances, industrial hygiene, fire safety, construction safety, hospital safety, workplace safety, radiation protection, medical physics, laser safety, non-ionizing radiation, pollution prevention, environmental regulatory compliance, and hazardous materials management and emergency management. EHS provides training, conducts inspections, and manages specific programs in these areas. The University’s policies regarding environmental health and safety issues are established in the EHS Policy Manual.
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