Emergency Response

3.10 Emergency Response Planning

The Office of Emergency Response Planning is a division of EHS that, in conjunction with the BU Police Department, is responsible for BU’s comprehensive emergency plan management. Emergency responders are available from the Office of Research Compliance when a spill or accident occurs. In the event of an emergency in a laboratory environment, quick and decisive action is important. Accordingly, all individuals who work in laboratories are trained annually in appropriate general response procedures to various emergency situations. The “Health and Safety Procedures and Emergency Instructions” flipchart is provided to all laboratories to serve as a quick reference in the event of an emergency. This flipchart lists important phone numbers, contact information, and procedures for various laboratory emergencies, including: medical emergencies, fires, chemical, biological, and radiation spills, splashes to the body, and university-wide emergencies. In addition, there is information pertaining to campus-wide emergencies available from the Boston University Emergency website.

For Additional Information see: Chemical Safety and ERP