Biological Safety

3.4 Biological Safety

The Research Safety Division provides the oversight of all work involving biological materials, and assesses risk and defines containment for their safe use. The foundation of the program centers on the use of engineering controls, safe work practices, and personal protective equipment to prevent workplace exposures and injuries. PI/PDs have specific responsibilities relating to work with biological materials. The assessment includes examination of the agent(s), standard operating procedures, and proposed laboratory equipment. This examination is conducted by the biological safety officer in collaboration with the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC). Prior to starting work, PI/PDs are responsible for registering all proposed work with recombinant DNA and biological agents. Training programs in biosafety will help to ensure that appropriate containment of these materials is maintained. Biohazardous materials and organisms include all infectious agents or biologically derived infectious materials that present a risk or a potential risk to the health of humans or animals, either directly, through infection, or indirectly through damage to the environment. A Biological Use Authorization application must be submitted to the IBC prior to initiation of any project involving use of these materials or agents.

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