Animal Care and Use

3.2 Animal Care and Use

Boston University investigators conducting research, training, or education involving vertebrate animals, whether or not funded by a federal sponsor, must submit an application for review to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). IACUC approval must be granted before animals are procured and/or prior to initiating any work involving animals. In conjunction with the animal care and use application, a copy of the sponsor’s proposal should also be submitted to the appropriate committee for review. The location of animal housing and use determines which campus’s IACUC is responsible for review of the proposed activity. PIs are responsible for assuring that there is an approved protocol on file with the IACUC office prior to any work involving the use of animals and, in the case of externally funded research, that the approved protocol is linked with a specific proposal or sponsored project.

For Additional Information see: IACUC