The Departmental Business Office

2.6.3 The Departmental Business Office

At the time of proposal preparation, departmental administrators are responsible for assisting in the preparation of budgets, providing accurate estimates for salary and other budget items, preparing current and pending support information, verifying availability of space and other resources to conduct the work, coordinating with other business offices to obtain verification and approval for non-departmental personnel involved on a project, coordinating documentation for subcontracts and/or consultants, and assisting the PI/PD in complying with any relevant special reviews.

The University places the prime responsibility for the conduct of the sponsored projects on the PI/PD. However, post-award, the departmental administrator may be the most involved in the day-to-day administrative operations of the project. The PI/PD may delegate some responsibility for the management of finances or other tasks to departmental and school business staff, but the PI/PD remains accountable for compliance with University and sponsor policy and financial, administrative, and programmatic requirements.