Faculty External Consulting Agreements

10.6 Faculty External Consulting Agreements
Outside professional activities can be beneficial to the faculty member and to the broader community. Limited engagement in professional activities carried on outside the University and for which compensation is not received through the University is encouraged if it contributes to the professional experience and public service of the faculty member. Consulting at the appropriate professional level exposes faculty to current problems and concerns in the discipline, and external contracts often lead to the development of industry-supported grants and contracts. In addition, outside activity can and should be of a nature to advance the reputation of the University.

Consulting agreements are private agreements entered into by the sponsor and the PI/PD and are not affiliated with BU. The agreements typically refer to external consulting work to be performed by the PI/PD for a company or organization. The following should be considered when evaluating a consulting agreement:
• PI/PDs are limited to one day per week for external activities (although some averaging over a semester is possible with advance approval).
• Consulting agreements should not conflict with University patent policies.
• Consulting agreements may create significant financial interests for purposes of the University’s Policy on Investigators’ Conflicts of Interest.
• The terms of the consulting agreement are strictly between the PI/PD and the sponsor.
For Additional Information see: Compensated Activity