Funding Databases

Funding databases help researchers identify and apply for relevant funding for their research. Boston University subscribes to two leading funding databases: COS Pivot and GrantForward (formerly IRIS) in addition to several other databases useful to investigators.

COS Pivot

Pivot is the largest, most comprehensive database of available funding with more than 40,000 records representing over $33 billion in funding. COS provides a full range of Internet-based services for the world’s research.

Boston University’s membership allows faculty to participate in the Expertise database, a bibliographic profile management system of more than 3 million research professionals; perform detailed and custom searches of over 40,000 funding opportunities; identify potential collaborators and peer reviewers; and use the World Wide Web to facilitate and foster research.

With advice from research directors and faculty, the Medical Campus developed a list of relevant key words and programmed a set of COS key word searches. Or enter search term(s) below to get sortable results from the Pivot funding opportunities database instantly.

Please note: Boston Medical Center researchers who submit through BU have access to COS.

To learn more about Pivot services visit the COS services website

The Illinois Researcher Information Service (IRIS)

IRIS currently contains over 9,000 active federal and private funding opportunities in the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities and offers three web-based services to over 200 colleges, universities, and research centers.
The IRIS Alert Service
The IRIS Expertise Service

To learn more about COS services visit the IRIS short-course.


Members of the Boston Medical Center also have access to InfoEd’s SPIN. InfoEd works with over 500 medical centers, universities, institutes and corporations to focus on a single mission: increase the impact of research by transforming the research administration process.

*BU researchers who also submit grants through Boston Medical Center via InfoEd have access to SPIN.