OSP FO# 13-002

AGENCY: National Science Foundation (NSF)/Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences (SBE)/Division of Social and Economic Sciences (SES)/Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO)/Directorate for Computer & Information Science & Engineering (CISE)/Directorate for Education & Human Resources (EHR)/Directorate for Engineering (ENG)/Directorate for Geosciences (GEO)/Directorate for Mathematical & Physical Sciences (MPS)/Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE)

PROGRAM: Ethics Education in Science and Engineering (EESE)

OBJECTIVES: The Ethics Education in Science and Engineering (EESE) program funds research and educational projects that improve ethics education in all fields of science and engineering that NSF supports, with priority consideration given to interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, and international contexts. Although the primary focus is on improving ethics education for graduate students in NSF-funded fields, the proposed programs may benefit advanced undergraduates as well.

Please see the link to the program announcement below for further details.

ELIGIBILITY RESTRICTIONS: Institutions may submit only one proposal as the lead organization. There is no limit on the number of proposals under which an organization may be included as a non-lead collaborator or sub-awardee.

NSF expects project teams to include persons with appropriate expertise. This might include expertise in the domain or domains of science or engineering on which the project focuses, in ethics, in educational research, and in pedagogy.

BU Internal Deadline: February 6, 2013
Full Application Deadline: March 01, 2013

FUNDING INFORMATION: NSF intends to commit $3 million to fund approximately 6-10 standard grants, pending availability of funds. The maximum award amount is $300,000. Collaborative proposals for the purpose of disseminating best practices in graduate ethics education will be eligible for a maximum award amount of $400,000 (for example, projects that include partnerships between universities and scientific or engineering societies to distribute curriculum and/or research findings). The maximum award duration is 36 months.

Linda Layne, Program Director
Division of Social and Economic Sciences
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22230
Telephone: (703) 292-5026
Fax: (703) 292-9068
Email: llayne@nsf.gov
Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2011/nsf11514/nsf11514.htm

INTERNAL REVIEW PROCESS: To screen proposals for this competition, an internal deadline has been established.  Principal Investigators (PIs) interested in submitting an application should provide the following proposal information to their Associate Dean by Wednesday, February 6, 2013 for internal review purposes:

1.  Project description (maximum length 4 pages) should include items a – d:
(a) provide a description of and rationale for the planned research or education project; for education projects, outline the overall project goals, methods, and plans for
recruitment; for research projects, identify the research question to be investigated
and the possible impact of findings on graduate student ethics education;
(b) provide a project management plan;
(c) discuss plans for the dissemination of results;
(d) address the intellectual merit and broader impacts of the proposed activity (the NSF
Merit Review criteria).
2. Budget and budget justification (two pages).
3. Biographical sketches: include 2-page NSF format biographical sketch for the PI, Co-PIs, and any other individuals critical to the project’s success;
4. Review comments from any previous EESE submission.

Following the Dean’s assessment of the internal application, it will be forwarded to India Adams in Sponsored Programs for review and then to the Office of the VP for Research for final selection.  PIs will be informed if their proposal is selected for submission in time to complete and process their proposal for final review.

REMARKS: Applications must be submitted electronically using either the NSF FastLane system or Grants.gov. Collaborative proposals must be submitted via FastLane. For more information about FastLane, or to register as a FastLane user, please contact A. B. Effgen (abeffgen@bu.edu) or India Adams (adamsi@bu.edu) in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at x3-4365. Information about Grants.gov for BU Investigators can be obtained on the OSP website at: http://www.bu.edu/osp/proposal-preparation/electronic-submission/. In addition, for investigators interested in submitting proposals via Grants.gov, NSF has published the NSF Grants.gov Application Guide which may be found online at: http://www.nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/docs/grantsgovguide.pdf. Investigators should contact the OSP Research Administrator assigned to their school or department as soon as possible to coordinate submission through either FastLane or Grants.gov.

Complete program guidelines and application material (NSF 11-514 and NSF GPG 13-1) may be obtained from the website listed above or from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Please distribute this notice to any faculty or staff members who might be interested in the information. For more information, please contact the OSP at X3-4365 or ospinfo@bu.edu, or visit the OSP website at http://www.bu.edu/osp.