OSP FO# 11-234

AGENCY: National Science Foundation (NSF)/Directorate for Geosciences (GEO)/Directorate for Engineering (ENG)/Directorate for Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences (SBE)/National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)

PROGRAM: Water Sustainability and Climate (WSC)

OBJECTIVES: This program provides funding to understand and predict the interactions between the water system and climate change, land use, the built environment, and ecosystem function and services through place-based research and integrative models. Successful proposals are expected to broadly integrate across the biosciences, geosciences, social sciences, and engineering enabling a new interdisciplinary paradigm in water research using a systems science and engineering approach to develop theoretical frameworks for predictive understanding.

Studies of a water system in its entirety using models and/or observations at specific sites, singly or in combination that allow for spatial and temporal extrapolation, as well as integration across the different processes in that system are encouraged, especially to the extent that they advance the development of theoretical frameworks and predictive understanding.

NSF will make three categories of awards under this program: Category 1 – Small exploratory or incubation grants to develop teams, identify sites, hold workshops and develop plans for establishment or operation of a study site or modeling effort; Category 2 – Place-based observational and modeling studies; and Category 3 – Synthesis, modeling and integration grants that will use existing data to integrate and synthesize across watershed and groundwater sites.

Please see the program announcement for further program details.

ELIGIBILITY RESTRICTIONS: An individual may appear as Principal Investigator (PI), co-PI, other senior personnel or investigator on only one Category 2 or Category 3 proposal submitted for FY 2012 in response to this solicitation. An individual may participate in only one Category 1 proposal.

DEADLINE: October 19, 2011

FUNDING INFORMATION: NSF anticipates providing $31 million to support 12-26 standard or continuing grants or cooperative agreements. NSF anticipates 4-10 awards will be made for Category 1 proposals, 2-4 awards for Category 2 proposals and 6-12 awards for Category 3 proposals.

Category 1 awards will be 1-2 years in duration with a budget of up to $150,000. Category 2 awards will be for up to 5 years in duration and a maximum of $5 million. Category 3 awards will be for 3-5 years in duration and for a maximum of $1.5 million for each award.

Enriqueta C. Barrera
Program Director
Division of Earth Sciences
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22230
Telephone: (703) 292-8551
Email: ebarrera@nsf.gov
Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2011/nsf11551/nsf11551.htm

REMARKS: Applications must be submitted electronically using either the NSF FastLane system or Grants.gov. Collaborative proposals must be submitted via FastLane. For more information about FastLane, or to register as a FastLane user, please contact India Adams (adamsi@bu.edu) or A. B. Effgen (abeffgen@bu.edu) in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at x3-4365. Information about Grants.gov for BU Investigators can be obtained on the OSP web site at: http://www.bu.edu/osp/proposal-preparation/electronic-submission/. In addition, for investigators interested in submitting proposals via Grants.gov, NSF has published the NSF Grants.gov Application Guide which may be found online at: http://www.nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/docs/grantsgovguide.pdf. Investigators should contact the OSP Assistant Director assigned to their school or department as soon as possible to coordinate submission through either FastLane or Grants.gov.

Complete program guidelines and application material (NSF 11-551 and NSF GPG 11-1) may be obtained from the web site listed above or from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Please distribute this notice to any faculty or staff members who might be interested in the information. For more information, please contact the OSP at X3-4365 or ospinfo@bu.edu, or visit the OSP web site at http://www.bu.edu/osp.