OSP FO# 11-155

AGENCY: National Science Foundation (NSF)/Directorate for Mathematical and Physical Sciences (MPS)/Division of Mathematical Sciences (DMS)

PROGRAM: Focused Research Groups in the Mathematical Sciences (FRG)

OBJECTIVES: This program provides funding to allow groups of researchers to respond to recognized scientific needs of pressing importance, to take advantage of current scientific opportunities, or to prepare the ground work for anticipated significant scientific developments in the mathematical sciences. Groups may include, in addition to mathematical scientists, researchers from other science and engineering disciplines appropriate to the proposed research. The activity will support projects for which the collective effort by a group of researchers is necessary to reach the scientific goals. Projects should also be timely, limited in duration to up to three years, and substantial in their scope and impact.

Please see the program announcement below for further program details.

Letter of Intent (required): August 19, 2011
Application: September 16, 2011

FUNDING INFORMATION: NSF anticipates providing $12 million annually to support 10-15 standard or continuing grants ranging from $150,000 to $500,000 per year for up to three years. Grants may be awarded in a variety of sizes and durations.

Tie Luo, Program Director
Division of Mathematical Sciences
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 1025 N
Arlington, Virginia 22230
Telephone (703) 292-8448
Fax: (703) 292-9032
Email: tluo@nsf.gov
Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2006/nsf06580/nsf06580.htm

REMARKS: To expedite the review process for FRG proposals, a letter of intent must be submitted via FastLane by 5:00 PM, proposer’s local time, on August 19, 2011. This letter of intent should contain the following information: (1) the title of the project, (2) a brief project description, (3) the names and affiliations of the principal investigators and other senior personnel and professionals, (4) the names of any other participating institutions, and (5) the name(s) of the DMS program(s) to which the proposal will be submitted for review.

Applications must be submitted electronically using the NSF FastLane system. Collaborative proposals must be submitted via FastLane. For more information about FastLane, or to register as a FastLane user, please contact India Adams (adamsi@bu.edu) or A. B. Effgen (abeffgen@bu.edu)in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at x3-4365. Investigators should contact the OSP Assistant Director assigned to their school or department as soon as possible to coordinate submission through FastLane.

Complete program guidelines and application material (NSF 06-580 and NSF GPG 11-1) may be obtained from the web site listed above or from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Please distribute this notice to any faculty or staff members who might be interested in the information. For more information, please contact the OSP at X3-4365 or ospinfo@bu.edu, or visit the OSP web site at http://www.bu.edu/osp.