OSP FO# 11-051

AGENCY: National Science Foundation (NSF)/Directorate for Biological Sciences (BIO/Division of Emerging Frontiers (EF)

PROGRAM: Advancing Theory in Biology (ATB)

OBJECTIVES: This program provides funding for research that will advance the conceptual and theoretical understanding of living systems. The program supports the development of new theoretical approaches that will improve the understanding of general biological principles that account for phenomena that occur independently across levels of biological organization.

The program is interested in the development of new theory, or the significant extension of existing theory, to provide an explanatory framework for themes or phenomena that are common at two or more levels of biological organization. This theory should address data or observations with far-reaching implications for understanding key biological processes and their fundamental consequences. The theory should cut across established disciplines in order to further our understanding of general biological principles, to understand diverse phenomena under these principles, to guide model construction and experimentation, and to identify new organizing principles. Some examples of new theoretical frameworks include, but are not limited to: 1) a common constructive framework for how biological “modules” are created, maintained and integrated at all levels of biological organization (e.g., molecule, cell, organ, individual, community, ecosystem); 2) a theory to account for the roles of cooperation, competition and antagonism as essential components of system optimization; 3) a common framework to link basic principles of energy, information or material flow at discrete levels of biological organization; and 4) a framework to account for the contextual content and context-dependency of information flow or other biological phenomena.

DEADLINE: April 13, 2011

FUNDING INFORMATION: NSF anticipates providing $5 million in FY 2011 to support 8-10 standard grants. A maximum request of $750,000 for three years is allowed; this amount includes indirect costs and all participants in collaborative projects.

Inclusion of voluntary committed cost sharing is prohibited.

Saran Twombly, Program Director
Division of Environmental Biology
National Science Foundation
4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 635 N
Arlington, Virginia 22230
Telephone: (703) 292-8133
Email: BioTheory@nsf.gov
Web: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2011/nsf11523/nsf11523.htm

REMARKS: Applications must be submitted electronically using either the NSF FastLane system or Grants.gov. Collaborative proposals must be submitted via FastLane. For more information about FastLane, or to register as a FastLane user, please contact India Adams (adamsi@bu.edu) or A. Brink Effgen (abeffgen@bu.edu) in the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) at x3-4365. Information about Grants.gov for BU Investigators can be obtained on the OSP website at: http://www.bu.edu/osp/proposal-preparation/electronic-submission/. In addition, for investigators interested in submitting proposals via Grants.gov, NSF has published the NSF Grants.gov Application Guide which may be found online at: http://www.nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/docs/grantsgovguide.pdf. Investigators should contact the OSP Assistant Director assigned to their school or department as soon as possible to coordinate submission through either FastLane or Grants.gov.

Complete program guidelines and application material (NSF 11-523 and NSF GPG 11-1) may be obtained from the web site listed above or from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). Please distribute this notice to any faculty or staff members who might be interested in the information. For more information, please contact the OSP at X3-4365 or ospinfo@bu.edu, or visit the OSP web site at http://www.bu.edu/osp.