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A letter from the Director of Orientation, Shiney James:

Dear Terrier,

Thank you for considering to apply to be member of our Orientation team. We work tirelessly over the next few months to create experiences that help new students have a sense of belonging at Boston University. Our orientation program highlights important BU goals:

  • building strong academic advising relationships;
  • understanding the philosophies of Howard Thurman;
  • encouraging well-being in ourselves and our community members;
  • empowering innovative spirits;
  • role-modelling sustainable practices;
  • engaging Boston as an active neighbor.

We are not looking for the perfect candidate for these positions. We are looking for humans who want to build community, guide others in finding their people, and connect folks to people who will only enrich the lives of others. We are never saying to ourselves this candidate fits into our rubric to mimic successes of the past. Instead, we are looking for the people who want to grow as humans, encourage others to have a sense of belonging and create a supportive environment in our community. We are searching for the imperfect people who have a unique sense of who they are and want to inspire others to find their joy here at BU during these trying times.

We know our team sets the tone for what new students expect from the University. The team affects change for the better in the culture of this place. Therefore, we want people role modelling generosity and kindness to be part of the team.

Be bold and apply for a position with us. You will never know where this path could lead you.


Shiney James

P.S. You will see that our traditional Student Advisor role has been changed to Student Facilitator. We have done this to accommodate the notion that all advising should be done by professors and professionals in the schools and colleges. The peer role is to help facilitate dialogue between two parties and be a catalyst for connections between people. The more people you know from vast backgrounds, the better understanding and perspective of the world you have.


Testimonials from Former Staff

Melissa Ngai

Year of Graduation: 2022

Stephannie Joseph

Year of Graduation: 2023


Lorena Magana

Year of Graduation: 2022

Emilee Cutler

Year of Graduation: 2023


Evan Jimenez

Year of Graduation: 2023

Zowie Rico

Year of Graduation: 2023


Matt Walker

Year of Graduation: 2021

Gerry Hwang

Year of Graduation: 2023


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