RSC Subcommittee Overview

The RSC has established standing subcommittees to perform specific functions. Each subcommittee is provided a charge and submits written reports of their activities and actions to the Committee for each calendar quarter in which it is active. The list of current standing subcommittees includes:

  • Radioisotope Safety Subcommittee (RS-Sc)
  • Radiation Generating Device Safety Subcommittee (RGD-Sc)
  • Laser Safety Subcommittee (LS-Sc)

Based on the recommendations of the subcommittees, the Radiation Safety Committee through a majority vote:

  • Approves Permits/Users of radioactive materials, ionizing radiation-generating devices, and lasers for human and non-human use
  • Makes policies governing the use of these materials and devices at Boston University and Boston Medical Center
  • Revokes Permits issued to Authorized Users, either temporarily or permanently
  • Suspends or permanently revokes privileges of any Authorized Users at Boston University or Boston Medical Center
  • Directs the institutions to expend funds in the interest of radiation safety, provided it is justified based on a cost -benefit assessment as determined by the RSO or Chief Medical Physicist

Radioisotope Safety Subcommittee (RS-Sc)radioisotopes

The RS-Sc meets quarterly to review the status of the Radioisotope Safety Program. Members discuss:

Radiation Generating Devices Subcommittee (RGD-Sc)

ionizingradThe RGD-Sc meets quarterly to review the status of the Ionizing Radiation Generating Device Safety Program. Members discuss:

  • New applications for Permits and a review of proposed method of use
  • Renewal of Permits
  • Results of inspections, findings and corrective actions
  • New policies, procedures or other proposed changes to the program
  • Incidents and follow up
  • Dosimetry results exceeding investigational Level I and II limits and results of subsequent investigations

Laser Safety Subcommittee (LS-Sc)

lasersafetyThe Boston University Laser Safety Subcommittee (LS-Sc) is responsible for the establishment and continuing review of an adequate laser safety program at Boston University and Boston Medical Center. The Committee is also responsible for compliance with laser safety regulations promulgated by state, federal, and local agencies.

The Laser Safety Subcommittee reviewed and approved the Laser Safety Manual, which is a comprehensive document detailing the laser safety programs and policies at BU/BMC.