Radioisotope Permit Process

New investigators can apply for a radioisotope permit by following these four steps:


1. To start the process, login to RIMS.


If you do not have a RIMS account, you may request one using the PI Registration link on the RIMS homepage. NOTE: For any issues with regards to RIMS, please contact:

  • Go to the RIMS website.
  • In the top right hand corner of the page, click on “Login.”
    • You will be prompted to enter your BU ID and Kerberos password.
    • Note: All permits are initially designed to allow access only to the Permit Holder. In order to add additional users, the Permit Holder will need to login to RIMS and use the RIMS Access feature, outlined here.
  • Under the heading “Activities and Authorizations,” select “Radioisotope Permit.”
  • Click on your permit code (in blue).  If you are applying for a permit for the first time, select the link entitled “Click here to start a new Radioisotope Permit” near the top of the page.
  • In the panel along the left hand side of the page, you will see a list of 5 forms:
    • Principal Investigator
    • Rad Permit
    • Animal Use
    • Authorized Rad Users
    • Proposed Radioisotopes
    • Sealed Source
    • Use Locations
  • You will need to completely fill out each of these in turn. All required information is marked with a red asterisk (*).
    • For more help on completing your Radioisotope Permit, click the “help” tab from the top of any RIMS screen.  For general help with RIMS, see the “Getting Started with RIMS” help file after you first log in to RIMS.
    • For guidance determining appropriate order and possession limits, please refer to the “Suggested Radioisotope Use and Possession Limits for Research ” document.
    • NOTE: In order to reach the Rad Users, Isotopes, and Use Locations pages, you must first select the Rad Permit page.
  • Remember to Confirm your Submission after completing all the information.


2. Attend one of the Basic Radiation Safety Training classes.


To view and register for an upcoming session, please visit RIMS.

Submit a copy of your CV or bio-sketch to the Radiation Safety Office.

NOTE: There is a spot to Upload this document under the “Rad Permit” in RIMS.

Finally, submit to the Radiation Safety Office the name of an individual who could help us verify your radiological experience.

Your completed application will be reviewed during the next session of the Radioisotope Safety Committee meeting.

Note: For all issues involving radiation and radioactivity, please contact the Radiation Protection Office directly at 617-638-7150.