Laser Permit Process

New investigators can apply for a research Laser Permit by following these three steps:

1. To start the process, complete the Online Laser Permit Application.

Permanent faculty and staff members are eligible to apply for a “Laser Use Permit” for Class 3b and 4 lasers.

  • Before starting the Online Application, gather information on your previous work/education experience, lab staff, laser inventory, PPE, laboratory locations, and Laser Safety SOPs for your systems.
  • The Online Application is in beta form and is developed to work best in Internet Explorer 9.0.
  • The Online Application should also be used to Amend your permit for any of the following reasons:
Change in Lab Personnel
Change in lab location
  • New lasers will require inspection
Change in laser system
  • New lasers will require inspection
  • Disposal of lasers requires completion of the Laser Disposal Form
  • This application can not be saved or otherwise completed at a later date after closing your Internet browser. However, please feel free to leave the application open as it will not time out. You will also have the ability to navigate pages of this form freely using the navigation buttons below.
  • Contact with any questions on completing the online application.

2. Complete the Laser Safety Training.

  • ¬†¬†Training is offered online via RIMS.
  • In-service training may also be offered on a periodic basis, such as that large training sessions provided at the Phontonics Center.

3. Meet with the Laser Safety Office for safety inspection and complete all safety requirements.

Your completed Laser Permit Application and the results of your Laser Safety Inspection will be reviewed by the Laser Safety Subcommittee and the Radiation Safety Committee.

Note: For all issues involving laser safety, please contact John KurKomelis at 617-638-7031. For urgent matters, contact Office of Medical Physics and Radiation Safety at 617-638-7052.