Members and Meetings

The Laboratory Safety Committee is comprised of faculty and staff members from various science departments and Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). EHS provides technical expertise on environmental and laboratory safety. Committee representatives are appointed by the AVP-Research Compliance and serve as the departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers for their respective departments.

Committee members are:

Charles River Campus (CRC):

  • Dr. John Caradonna, LSC Chair (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Ethan Baxter (Earth Sciences)
  • Dr. James Cherry (Psychology)
  • Dr. Helen Fawcett (Photonics Center)
  • Dr. Xin Brown (Biomedical Engineering)
  • Paul Ferrari (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Ramesh Jasti (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Peter Garik (SED)
  • Dr. Susan Kandarian (Health Sciences)
  • Richard Lally (Engineering Administration)
  • Dr. Pritiraj Mohanty (Physics)

Boston University Medical Campus (BUMC):

  • Dr. Christopher Andry, LSC Chair (Pathology)
  • Dr. Laertis Ikonomou (Pulmonary)
  • Dr. Shinichiro Kurosawa (Pathology)
  • Dr. Yoshiyuki Mochida (GSDM, Periodontology & Oral Biology)
  • Dr. Jennifer Schlezinger (SPH, Environmental Health)
  • Dr. Abdul Traish (Biochemistry/Urology)
  • Dr. Susan Winandy (Pathology)
  • Dr. Andy Zoeller (Physiology & Biophysics)
  • Heather Cohen (Pathology)
  • Cynthia Gudino (Infectious Disease)
  • Audrey Quinn (Laboratory Medicine and BMC Diagnostic Labs)
  • Haro Der Hagopian (Radiation Protection Office)
  • Larry Vintinner (LASC)
  • Allison Gray (Human Resources)

Members on both campuses:

  • Michelle Langely, Chemical Hygiene Officer (EHS Campus & Clinical Safety)
  • Joe Barbercheck¬†(EHS Research Safety)
  • Kevin Tuohey (Office of Research Compliance)
  • Dr. Thomas Winters (ROHP)
  • Dr. Wei He (Technical Committees)
  • Joe Kajunski (Facilities Management)
  • Staff: Sonya Butler (EHS Research Safety staff) and Marita Hatton (Technical Committees staff)