Laboratory Safety Committee

Boston University (BU) is committed to the excellence of safety in academic and teaching laboratories.  The Laboratory Safety Committee (LSC) at BU provides guidance and administrative oversight of environmental health and safety in the academic research and teaching laboratories.  The LSC develops policies and guidelines to assist in addressing hazardous materials and processes in the laboratory workplace to ensure that personnel work safely. 

In conjunction with EHS, the LSC publishes the quarterly newsletter Lab Safe.  Current and archived issues are available on the Lab Safe Newsletter website.

Committee’s Role and Responsibilities:

  • Annual review of the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)
  • Monitoring the status and implementation of the CHP
  • Review of Standard Operating Procedures for use of High Hazard Chemicals
  • Review of written safety guidelines and training programs
  • Forum for discussion of laboratory safety related incidents and issues
  • Review of safety newsletter