About the IBC

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

The IBC is an institutional committee created under the NIH Guidelines to review research involving recombinant DNA and/or biohazardous materials.

The IBC has overall oversight responsibility for the Biosafety Program at BU and BMC. It is the responsibility of the Institutional Biosafety Committee to:

  • Review technical and safety-related aspects of the use of recombinant DNA, infectious agents and any other biohazardous agents;
  • Develop and maintain a safety and operations manual for use of etiologic and other potentially biohazardous agents;
  • Certify that facilities, procedures, and practices have been reviewed and approved;
  • Promulgate a Biosafety program in conjunction with the Director of Research Safety that satisfies federal, state, and local laws and regulations;
  • Limit, suspend or revoke an investigator’s authority to use Biohazardous materials if such use presents a hazard to individuals or violates health and safety codes;
  • Implement the provisions of the use of Department of Health and Human Services Select Agents and Toxins;
  • Perform other duties to fulfill its charge, as may be required by the AVP-RC



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