New Application

All IBC applications are completed online in the Research Information Management System (RIMS).

PIs must complete a RIMS PI Account Registration in order to access the IBC application.  The PI can designate others to assist in completing the application, however, only the PI can submit the application, amendment, annual renewal or three-year renewal for review. Please note that the IBC requires that all Principal Investigators be members of the BU/BMC faculty. Projects from post-docs or other non-faculty members will require a faculty PI sponser.

All personnel must complete the annual Lab Safety Training(s) and ROHP Clearance requirements. Personnel will need to have a RIMS Training Profile in order to complete these requirements.

All applications must be recieved by the deadline to allow enough time for review by the committee members and a Biological Use Authorization Site Assessment by EHS. Deadlines can be found under Meeting Dates & Deadlines.

IBC approval of recombinant DNA and biohazardous research projects is effective for three years. However, PIs must complete an IBC Annual Renewal each year to continue work for up to three years after the initial approval. After three years, the application must be resubmitted and reviewed by the committee.