Tissue Only Protocols

An investigator who wishes to harvest tissues from a deceased animal need not have IACUC approval provided that the following criteria are met:

  1. Animals from which tissues are to be obtained must be from an investigator who has a current IACUC approved protocol.
  2. The animals must be humanely euthanized by the P.I., with the current IACUC approved protocol, at the conclusion of the first (primary) procedure, and must be unequivocally deceased prior to beginning the harvesting procedure.
  3. There may be no antemortem manipulation or change in the primary protocol in anticipation of the second research use. (Changes in the primary protocol must be addressed as a separate issue, either as an amendment to the original protocol or with a revised application.)

Upon request, the IACUC will issue an approval letter, verifying that the P.I. has permission to use tissues that will be donated by animals that have been sacrificed from an existing protocol, if the funding agency requires it as part of a grant application.