Authority of the Attending Veterinarian

The Attending Veterinarian is fully authorized to provide medical care and/or euthanasia to research animals. The Attending Veterinarian is not required to obtain approval from the Principal Investigator or other parties prior to providing treatment or euthanasia to research animals.


  1. This policy pertains to the Attending Veterinarian and any person(s) acting as designee(s) under the authority and/or direction of the Attending Veterinarian.
  2. This policy includes both animals owned by BU investigators as well as research animals on BU premises.
  3. When possible, the Attending Veterinarian (and/or authorized designee) will solicit the input of the Principal Investigator or responsible research staff member(s) prior to implementing treatment or euthanasia of a research animal.
  4. If the responsible research staff member and the Attending Veterinarian (or designee) are not in concurrence regarding the need for animal treatment or euthanasia, the Attending Veterinarian (or designee) is authorized to implement action based on her/his medical judgment.
  5. In extreme and rare circumstances, it may be necessary for the Attending Veterinarian (or designee) to implement animal treatment or euthanasia prior to contacting the responsible research staff member. The Attending Veterinarian will promptly notify the Principal Investigator of animal treatment or euthanasia.