Programs and Guidelines

Boston University Diving Program:

The Boston University Dive Manual is based on the standards set forth by the American Academy of Underwater Scientists’ “Standards for Scientific Diving Certification and Operation of Scientific Diving Programs”. As a consensual guideline for scientific diving programs, this document is currently the “Standard” of the scientific diving community.

The BU Dive Manual and AAUS Guidelines were developed to address the definition of Scientific Diving under OSHA regulation 1910.401(a)(2)(iv).

For details on becoming a Scientific Diver at BU, see the “Roadmap to becoming a Scientific Diver” page.

Boston University Boating Program:

Small boat operations involve certain risks that must be addressed prior to beginning any field work. Knowing what equipment is required to be on the boat, the rules of the road, understanding the weather and its effects on the marine environment, and even the variations in operating one type of boat compared to another are all obstacles that must be overcome in order to minimize the risks to those on board, as well as maximizing efficiency in data collection. The purpose of Boston University Small Boat Safety Manual is to establish good boating practices under the auspices of the Boston University; to ensure that all boating under BU auspices is conducted in a safe and efficient manner; and to familiarize participants with the basic procedures that affect their own safety and the safety of their fellow user.

Boston University Snorkeling Program:

Boston University recognizes that snorkeling is a valid and effective scientific diving technique. Although snorkeling is less technically complex than other diving methods, there are inherent risks associated with snorkeling thatmust be considered, including physical and physiological stress of breath-hold diving, pressure-related injuries, dangerous aquatic animals, injury or entanglement.

The Scientific Diving and Small Boat Safety Committee has developed written guidelines on the Snorkeling program: BU Snorkeling Standards