Committee Members

The Scientific Diving & Small Boat Safety Committee (SD-SBSC) is comprised of faculty, trainees, and staff members from academic departments involved in scientific diving. The committee also includes members from the Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS), Risk Management, and International Programs. Committee representatives are appointed by the Associate Vice President of Research Compliance.

Committee members are:


  • Wally Fulweiler, Ph.D. (Chairperson, Associate Professor of Earth and Environment and Biology)
  • Michelle Auerbach (Executive Director, Research Integrity and Assurance)
  • Pete Buston, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Biology)
  • Sarah Driscoll (Assistant Diving Safety Officer, New England Aquarium)
  • Joseph Finkhouse, Ph.D. (Associate Director of Health, Safety & Security)
  • Jeff Godfrey (Dive Safety Officer, University of Connecticut)
  • Anya Hanson (Dive Safety Officer, University of Rhode Island)
  • Michael Lombardi (Dive Safety Officer, Boston University )
  • Diane Thompson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor of Earth and Environment)

Regular Invitees

  • James Donohue (Director of Risk Management)
  • James Garner (Graduate Student, Biology)
  • Thomas Gorham (Associate Director, Campus and Clinical Safety)
  • Ron Morales (Director of Research Safety, EHS)
  • Kevin Tuohey (Executive Director, Research Compliance)
  • Patricia Urick, MSN, FNP-BC (Nurse Practitioner)
  • Cassie Williams, M.P.H. (Senior Compliance Specialist, Safety Committees)

For information about Dive Safety Committee membership, please contact