Pathway to becoming a Scientific Diver

Pathway to BU AAUS Scientific Diver Authorization

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Anyone interested in becoming a BUMP scientific diver is encouraged to meet with Prof. Phillip Lobel prior to initiating the steps outlined below. This will provide an opportunity to discuss AAUS certification protocols and answer any questions you may have about the process. Prof. Lobel is the DSO (Diving Safety Officer) for Boston University and the BUMP dive program. BUMP students and faculty should contact Prof. Lobel initially regarding the dive program.

In order to become a scientific diver, you must fulfill certain pre-requisites and submit for candicacy as a Diver-In-Training. Then, you must complete the MS533  BUMP Scientific Diving course (offered Fall Semester) to become a Basic AAUS Scientific Diver.


1. You must already be certified by one of the national recreational dive organizations (e.g. NAUI, PADI etc) with at least 12 dives conducted within the last year. You should submit a copy of your certifications and dive log for review along with other required documents (see below). 

2. You must have a specific AAUS dive medical and submit the necessary AAUS forms (see AAUS standards.pdf for forms and details at ).

3. CPR, Oxygen Administration and First Aid certifications are required and must be renewed every other year. Courses will be offered periodically at BUMP.

A pool exam will be given to evaluate your skills before initiating the MS533 BUMP course.

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If you have demonstrated proficiency in all the required components, you will be issued AAUS certification at one of the designated AAUS levels (see the AAUS manual at ).

In order to maintain AAUS certification, you must  a) file a dive plan prior to a diving expedition, b) keep a detailed dive log and c) submit the dive log soon after each diving expedition. 

For more information, please contact the Dive Safety Officer, Professor Phillip Lobel at