IACUC Training Requirements

Boston University has a mandatory training program, based on federal regulations, that requires training for all animal users to ensure that they are qualified to work with and handle animals. All animal users are required to complete this training prior to working with animals, and the IACUC will not approve animal-use applications until the training has been completed.

IACUC Personnel Training Procedures

In accordance with the University’s Personnel Training & Qualifications Policy, the Boston University Medical Campus IACUC and the Charles River Campus IACUC have developed the following required training program for all individuals working with laboratory animals.

IACUC Training

All individuals working with laboratory animals must complete IACUC training prior to being approved to work on an IACUC protocol. This will provide information on animal welfare regulations, PHS policies, and basic IACUC policies and standards. These courses are available online through RIMS. If you do not have a RIMS training account, please use the RIMS training registration to create one.

  • IACUC Orientation is required one time only.
  • IACUC Refresher is required each year, beginning one year after completion of the IACUC orientation.

View Animal Care and Use Training+IACUC Approval PDF Flowchart with Links:

Animal Care and Use Training + IACUC Approval = Animal Access Flowchart PDF Screenshot

Flowchart Animal Care and Use Training + IACUC Approval = Animal Access Flowchart PDF

Aseptic Surgery Training

All individuals responsible for performing survival surgery must complete aseptic surgery training prior to initiating the experiment.Training applies for both BUMC and CRC. This training is required for survival surgeries conducted on all species of animals. This training is a mandatory Animal Science Center (ASC) and IACUC requirement for all those listed on Survival Surgery Protocols. The trainee will learn basic animal pre-op and post-op animal monitoring skills, how to prepare animals for anesthesia, how to perform an aseptic surgical scrub of animals and learn basic supportive care of recovering surgery animals, and proper utilization of observation cage card identification system and surgery monitoring forms. Prerequisites are required for this course. Course information and registration can be found below.

Aseptic Surgery Training

Facility Training

In many circumstances, individuals working with laboratory animals will need access to the Boston University Animal Science Center (BUASC). Individuals who need access to the animal facility on the Medical Campus are required to participate in the New Researcher Orientation, which will provide training and knowledge of basic BUASC policies and requirements, animal handling requirements, and bio-security issues. Individuals who need access to the animal facility on the Charles River Campus are required to participate in the BUASC Orientation.

Training applies for BUMC only. ASC facility orientation is one of our mandatory training requirements for those working with animals. The training covers all aspect of the ASC animal facility, including background history, policies and guidelines, restricted activities, PPE requirements, traffic flow information, disease transmission, training classes, and services available. This orientation is followed by tours of the facility by our supervisors in which they will demonstrate correct PPE requirements, entry/exit procedure, and decontamination procedures. Preregistration is required.

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Location: 670 Albany Street, 8th floor, room 826B (training room). Please pick up a pass for access to 826B from the main office at 700 Albany St., Room W707.

Audience: All research and ASC animal care personnel working with animals and needing access to BUASC (BUMC) animal facility

Duration: 1-hour lecture presentation, 30-minute facility tour of W-7, W-8, W-9, M-9, or R-8 building, depending on where your animals will be housed. Facility tours will usually be scheduled immediately following the lecture presentation.

When Offered: Check the Animal Care calendar for upcoming offerings.

Teaching Medium: Lecture PowerPoint + tour of building/floors

Prerequisite: None

This orientation is required for anyone using the CRC’s ASC, which houses live animals on the Charles River Campus. This course will highlight the basics of PPE for the facility being used, operations, special requests, and any particular needs of the research group’s animals.

Fill out the Security Access application form and provide the completed form at the beginning of your orientation.

Email to Register

Location: LACF Assistant Manager’s Office

Audience: Ranges from PI’s to post-docs, graduate students, some undergraduates, and visiting PI’s Duration: 30 minutes

When Offered: Tuesday through Thursday. Day and time to be arranged with the provider.

Teaching Medium: Computer (AALAS website) & individual interaction

Prerequisite: AALAS training classes: Working with the IACUC and Introduction to Research Animal Methodologies

Hands-On Training

Boston University has a staff trainer who facilitates training on both the Charles River Campus and the Medical Campus. The trainer offers seminars and wet lab training sessions on various topics. These training sessions are highly recommended and, in some cases, may be specifically required by the IACUC as part of the training program.

More information on the training sessions can be found under Animal Care & Use trainings or contact the staff trainer with requests for training.

AALAS Learning Library

All individuals working with laboratory animals at Boston University have access to an online learning library through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). It can be accessed via RIMS, under the IACUC Refresher training.