Charles River Campus (LACF) Training Requirements

IACUC Requirements

Complete the IACUC Orientation (one-time requirement) and IACUC Refresher Training (annual requirement, one year after orientation). This training is required prior to approval on an IACUC protocol.

Laboratory Animal Care Facility (LACF) Access

To have access to any LACF, training that the LACF provides is done at our discretion for the benefit of the animals, for the benefit of the research, for the benefit of the researcher, and for the benefit of a smooth functioning LACF. This involves the orientation on how to use each of the facilities, as well as the hands on training for how to handle each species and each piece of equipment.

For access to the LACF animal facilities:

  • Complete IACUC Orientation and IACUC Refresher Training.
  • Review any pertinent CDs or DVDs such as “Aseptic Surgery” available through the LACF office.
  • Attend an orientation of the specific facility being used.
  • View Use of the New LACF.
  • Review the species or technique(s) with which you need training.

Additional Required Trainings

For all persons conducting surgical procedures in animals:

Training applies for both BUMC and CRC.

This training is a mandatory ASC and IACUC requirement for all those listed on Survival Surgery Protocols. The trainee will learn basic pre-op and post-op animal monitoring skills, how to prepare animals for anesthesia, how to perform an aseptic surgical scrub of animal and learn basic supportive care of recovering surgery animals, and proper utilization of observation cage card identification system and surgery monitoring forms. Preregistration is required.

Email to Register

Location: 670 Albany Street, 8th floor, room 826B (training room). Please pick up a pass for access to 826B from the main office at 700 Albany St., Room W707.

Audience: PIs, research staff, post-docs, medical students, dental students, graduate students, and undergraduates performing survival surgery.

Duration: 1.5 hours

When Offered: Check the Animal Care calendar for upcoming offerings

Teaching Medium: PowerPoint presentation, handout. Additional references: Aseptic Technique for Rodent Survival Surgery (AALAS login required)

Prerequisite: None

For all persons working with ABSL-2:

Training applies for Charles River Campus only

This is an orientation to the methods used to handle animals in the LACF under ABSL-2 conditions. It includes how cages should be handled and what needs to be done for PPE, and for disposal/cleaning of materials used.

Email to Register

Location: LACF Assistant Manger’s Office

Audience: Those using animals under ABSL-2 conditions. This can be anyone from an undergraduate to a Principle Investigator.

Duration: 30 minutes

When Offered: Tuesday through Thursday. Day and time to be arranged with the provider.

Teaching Medium: Computer (AALAS website) & individual interaction

Prerequisite: Orientation to the LACF as a general user, the AALAS training classes (under the Animal Care and Use section), free courses (Working with the IACUC, Introduction to Research Animal Methodology), Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP) clearance, EHS lab safety training