AALAS Learning Library

All individuals working with laboratory animals at Boston University have access to an online training program through the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS). In order for your completion of each module to be documented, you must first login. This will provide a record of compliance with this portion of the training program. Required and recommended online course details are provided below.

Required Online Training

Animal users are required to take the following online training modules:

Initial Trainings:

Working with the IACUC-Non-VA version (CRC IACUC & LACF Requirement)

Introduction to Research Animal Methodology Take the applicable species module (LACF Requirement)

Refresher Trainings:

Working with the IACUC-Non-VA version (BUMC/CRC IACUC Refresher Requirement)

Recommended Online Training – General

The following modules are recommended for all animal researchers:

Common Compliance Issues
US Mandates and Guidelines
Laboratory Animal Allergy

Recommended Online Training – Species Specific

As appropriate for the proposed research, one or more the following modules are strongly recommended for all animal researchers:

Introduction to Mice
Introduction to Rats
Introduction to Rabbits
Introduction to Guinea Pigs
Introduction to Amphibians
Introduction to Ferrets
Introduction to Gerbils
Introduction to Cats
Introduction to Swine
Introduction to Nonhuman Primates
Working with the Laboratory Mouse
Working with the Laboratory Rat
Ferret Biomethodology
Working with Laboratory Zebrafish
ALAT 29: Birds (2009)

Recommended Online Training – As Applicable

Individuals involved in any of the following activities should complete the relevant modules:

Aseptic Technique for Rodent Survival Surgery
Anesthesia and Analgesia
Mouse Breeding Colony Management
Genetically Engineered Mice