Individual Status Lists

RCR completion and attendance reports are made available to those participating in and overseeing RCR participation. The reports enable you to check, for example:

  1. For purposes of NIH and NSF compliance, whether individuals who will be placed on NIH- or NSF-covered awards have completed mandatory requirements within 30 days of being placed on the award:
    • Undergraduates must complete Introductory RCR
    • Master’s degree candidates must complete Intermediate RCR (including both Introductory RCR and Intermediate RCR on CITI)
    • Doctoral degree candidates and postdoctoral researchers must complete Online Preparation for Advanced RCR
  2. Whether participants in Advanced RCR remain on track to completing the Live RCR workshops

Click on the following links and enter your Kerberos password to view the reports, which are updated at the end of each semester, including summer term.