Alternative RCR Programs

Currently approved alternative advanced RCR programs (January 2013) The following departments have obtained approval from the RCREAC for the following alternative RCR live components:

  • Chemistry: CH 801/802
  • Astronomy: AS 802
  • Computer Science: CS 697

One of these courses, taken in the first year at BU, will meet the requirements for Advanced RCR (Live). The individual must also complete Advanced RCR (Online Preparation) to qualify for an RCR certificate of completion.

Submitting Proposals for Alternative RCR

Departments, schools, and programs may propose alternative RCR instruction programs for their degree candidates, their postdoctoral fellows, or a wider audience. These RCR instruction programs may be, for example, part of a full course in research methods, or may be stand-alone RCR instruction programs. Proposals for these alternative programs will be reviewed and approved for a three-year period, subject to annual continuing review, by the Office of the Provost, in conjunction with the RCREAC-Responsible Conduct of Research Education Advisory Committee, to ensure that minimum standards are met. Proposals for alternative RCR programs are expected to utilize the following forms and procedures:

Proposals can be submitted to:  

Responsible Conduct of Research Program
Boston University 1 Silber Way, 8th Floor
Boston, MA 02215
P. 617-353-2230

The Office of the Provost will provide assistance and resources to any departments wishing to develop their own alternative RCR instruction programs. Case studies and additional materials can be found on RCR Resources. For more information please contact the RCR administrators.