Human Subjects

Boston University has two institutional review boards (IRBs), an IRB for the Charles River Campus and an IRB for the Medical Campus, including Boston Medical Center. The purpose of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects of research and to assure the clinical research is conducted according to corresponding federal regulations, state law, and IRB policies.

All research and clinical investigations involving human subjects in which the Charles River Campus, Boston University Medical Campus, Boston Medical Center, their staff, their students, or their patients are involved may be subject to the authority of the IRB, regardless of funding source or other regulatory requirements.

If you are associated with the Medical Campus or Boston Medical Center, please click on the “Medical Campus IRB” button below. If you are associated with the Charles River Campus, please click on the “Charles River Campus IRB” button below.

Please note that policies and forms for the Charles River Campus IRB can be accessed by either clicking on “Human Subjects” or “Institutional Review Board.”

Medical Campus IRB Charles River Campus IRB