Travel Abroad

If you plan to travel to any of the countries that are the subject of U.S. Sanctions to conduct University-related work or research or to present the results of University-related work or research, you should consult with the University Export Control Director (henceforth Export Control Director) to determine whether any restrictions will apply to your travel. If a license is required, the Export Control Director can assist with that effort.

Licenses are required for many activities in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea. If you plan to travel to any of these countries, contact the Export Control Director.

Note that travel abroad with technical data, technology, software, or information controlled for United States (U.S.) export purposes is prohibited, and you will need a license or documentation of an exemption prior to the travel .

If you intend to travel with your laptop or GPS equipment, be sure to complete the Laptop-GPS Checklist and keep it on file for 5 years after the travel is completed. You should also take it with you when you travel in case you are asked by U.S. Customs officials what type of information is on your laptop and which license exception you are applying for the equipment/devices.

Announcement – Travel Laptops Available for Faculty, Researchers and Staff

“The Office of Research Compliance would like to announce a laptop loaner program for faculty, researchers and staff interested in taking a “clean” laptop abroad. Contact the University Export Control Director ( or 617-353-6753) for details.”

Furthermore, you are prohibited from taking any export controlled materials/papers/reports on your laptop outside of the U.S. without an export license or valid license exception that is determined by the Export Control Director. Please pay special attention to the reports that you are submitting to your project managers and instructions that you are receiving from sponsor agencies, which can be part of the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, NASA, or NOAA. Even if your research qualifies under the Fundamental Research Exclusion; these materials may be controlled for export purposes and not intended for public release. Contact the Export Control Director to assess whether or not you may take these abroad.

Link to the Traveling Overseas with Mobile Phones, Laptops, PDAs, and Other Electronic Devices for helpful tips for traveling with electronic devices abroad.

If you plan to carry or transport materials outside of the United States, be sure to consult the Shipments/Transport – Questions to Answer.

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