Laptop/GPS Checklist

Faculty and employees effectively export their laptops or GPS when they:

  • Take equipment abroad to aid them with their research and other international activities;
  • Allow a person in a foreign country to use their laptops or GPS; or
  • Allow a foreign national access to their laptops or GPS in the United States (a so-called “deemed export”).

All of these activities qualify as exports under US export control regulations and may trigger licensing requirements under US export control laws. You should review this checklist each time you consider exporting a laptop or GPS.

Laptops and GPS devices, and their underlying software, are covered by EAR and, in some cases, ITAR. Export regulations vary based on which country you are traveling to and for what purpose you intend to use your laptop or GPS. In addition, a licensing exception may apply to the export of the laptop or GPS in question, and if so, you potentially could take that equipment abroad without violating EAR or ITAR.

If the checklist below suggests that transferring your laptop or GPS might trigger US export control regulations, you must contact the Research Compliance office for an analysis of whether an export license is required. This analysis must occur before the laptop or GPS is exported.

Note: If you are not traveling to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Sudan AND you plan to bring a standard consumer laptop with standard, mass-market software that the manufacturer confirms may be exported, you do not need to complete this checklist. You should satisfy yourself that these conditions are met by checking the status of your equipment and software on the manufacturer’s website. Export control websites for common manufacturers include:


If you are unsure whether your laptop is a standard consumer laptop or whether your laptop contains software that is not standard, mass-market software, you should complete the checklist below.

Please note that the information contained in your laptop’s files is subject to the Research Project Export Control Checklist. You still must review that checklist to make sure any research you plan to conduct does not violate US export control laws. This addendum builds on that checklist by addressing whether laptops, GPS devices, or their associated software is subject to export regulations.

Laptop/GPS Checklist: