Compliance and Assistance with Export Controls

Boston University faculty and employees are expected to assess their own activities to determine whether they are covered by export control license requirements. Assistance is available when doubts arise; however, the possible need for an export control license must be determined by the faculty member or employee first. This analysis shows what materials and technology will be involved in the activity, who will be involved in the research, and the purposes for which the materials or results of the research will be used. Export control regulations apply to materials and information acquired or produced by the University and its research as well as to materials or information supplied by a third-party, such as a research sponsor. The faculty and staff must take the following steps to assure that they do not violate any export regulations and become personally liable for substantial civil and criminal penalties.

Assistance is available from various offices within the University depending on the nature of the export controlled activity. Each of the following pathways requires you to assess applicability of export controls and offers assistance, if needed:

  • Before beginning any sponsored research project, you must complete the Research Project Export Control Checklist, which will alert the Office of Sponsored Programs to potential issues.
  • Before carrying, shipping, or otherwise sending materials outside of the United States, you must consult the Shipments/Transport – Questions to Answer to determine whether an export license is required.
  • Before traveling to countries that may be the subject of sanctions, collaborating with a foreign national outside of Boston University or any person or entity outside of the United States, or presenting your research at an international conference, check the following sanctions lists:
  • If you expect that your research may involve or be shared with any individual or entity on any of those lists, you must confer with the University Export Control Director to determine whether a license is required for your planned activities.
  • Before traveling abroad with a laptop or GPS equipment, you should complete the Laptop-GPS Checklist.
  • Always be alert to any “red flags.” If issues concerning publication or access restrictions arise, contact the University Export Control Director.

For additional information, please see Export Control NEWS.