Lab Inspections

The Research Safety Division in Environmental Health & Safety strives to provide excellent service in support of the researchers at Boston University and the Boston Medical Center. To ensure that appropriate service is being provided and to assist laboratories in complying with federal, state, municipal, and institutional requirements, EHS inspects research laboratories using a risk-based approach. Laboratories are inspected quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the risk profile of each laboratory. Please view the full program for more details.

Category A Inspections

Each quarter, a Category A “quicklist” checklist is reviewed by EHS. The quicklist is a collection of questions from the various topic-specific inspections that are critical to continued compliance. These items are reviewed during each laboratory inspection. BU Quarterly Inspection Check List – Category A Quicklist

Also, use this Weekly Eyewash Flushing Guide to help keep your eyewashes fresh and in compliance.

Category B Inspections

In addition to the Category A “quicklist” checklist, during each inspection period, a different topic-specific, “Category B” inspection is performed. The topics covered each quarter are:

A different topic is reviewed in the laboratory each quarter, which ensures that an in-depth inspection for each topic is conducted annually.

In the case that a Category B inspection topic does not apply to a given laboratory, then only the Category A checklist will be reviewed that quarter.


All inspections are conducted with either the Principal Investigator or his or her assigned Laboratory Safety Coordinator present. Following the inspection, EHS will issue a report containing the findings, identifying the responsible party, proposing a corrective action, and giving a target date for the corrective action to be completed.

Within 2 weeks of the initial inspection visit, EHS will re-visit the laboratory to confirm that appropriate services are being provided and to assist the laboratory in addressing any open corrective items.

The goal of the Laboratory Safety Inspection program is to make Boston University, its laboratories, campuses, and community safe and compliant.