Dead Animal Disposal

I. This only applies to non-radioactive, non-biohazardous animals.

When an animal care staff member finds a dead animal in a cage:

  1. They record the death on the cage card.
  2. They email the researcher about the death.
  3. They bag the animal and place in the refrigerator with the PI’s info on the bag.
    • The bag is placed on a shelf for the day of week found.
    • Weekly, dead bodies are removed to the LACF’s freezer.
    • When a researcher has a dead animal, they are instructed to double-bag it and put it in the LACF’s freezer (or follow the above instructions for refrigeration).
  4. There is a small refrigerator in the barrier facility which is emptied weekly by LACF staff.
  5. There is a large freezer in the non-barrier facility into which all dead animals are eventually placed prior to pickup by Stericycle for incineration.

II. If radioactive or other biohazards are present in dead animals, procedures will be worked out in conjunction with Environmental Health & Safety during the animal protocol review by the IACUC.

III. Any unexpected deaths should also be reported to the veterinarian and potentially to the IACUC. Researchers may request a necropsy, or may just accept a death as an expected part of an experiment.