Charles River Campus: Equipment Standard Operating Procedures


Putting Booties On

  1. Enter the facility in the “no-booties needed” area.
  2. Put on lab coat and other PPE. Put gloves in your pocket.
  3. Put on the first bootie and step into the clean area by crossing the tape on the floor.
  4. Then, putting on the second bootie, step with both feet into the clean area.Booties3
  5. Put on your gloves and proceed to animal areas.

Taking Booties Off

  1. Start with both feet in the clean area with booties on.
  2. Take off the first bootie and step into the “dirty” area by placing foot, without bootie, across the green line.
  3. Remove the second bootie and step into the “no-booties needed/dirty” area.
  4. Remove the rest of your disposable PPE, place in trash barrel, and exit.

Hot Bead Sterilizer

  1. Plug in, and in about 20 minutes the glass beads will be at 250C.
  2. Clean the instruments of debris first.
  3. Dry heat sterilizes small instruments in 5–10 seconds.
  4. Instruments are cool to working temperature in 30–60 seconds.Hot Bead Sterilizer
  5. Remember to shut off when done.

Inhalant Anesthetic Machine

Use of the Inhalant Anesthetic Machine

Lab Carts

Remember to squirt the disinfectant on the wheels of the carts as you come and go from the LACF. Squirt the wheels and on the floor in front of the wheels (and roll through) to aid in getting all of the wheels’ surfaces.

Remember to disinfect the flat and vertical surfaces of the carts daily.

Lab Carts