BUMC: Procedure to Obtain Security Access

For access to the ASC animal facilities:

  • Complete the Research Occupational Health Program (ROHP) Initial Health Assessment.
  • Complete IACUC Orientation and IACUC Refresher Training.
  • Attend ASC New Researcher Orientation with facility tours of W6, W7, W8, W9 (700 Albany Street), R8 (Research), and M9 (Fuller).
  • Attend EHS Lab Safety Training.
  • After the above trainings are complete, fill out the Security Access Application.

Access to animal facilities is initiated with the submission of a completed Security Access Application Form. The Employee section must be complete with all pertinent information. Special attention is directed to assure the application contains the following: protocol number, dates of trainings and medical surveillance, principal investigator signature, and applicant signature. In order for access to be granted, the applicant must be listed on the specific IACUC protocol.

Completed Security Access Applications can be submitted to the ASC via fax (617-638-4055), email (buasc@bu.edu), or mail delivery/personal delivery (700 Albany Street, W707).