Putting Booties On

  1. Enter the facility in the “no-booties needed” area.
  2. Put on lab coat and other PPE. Put gloves in your pocket.
  3. Put on the first bootie and step into the clean area by crossing the tape on floor.
  4. Then, putting on the second bootie, step with both feet into the clean area.Booties41
  5. Put your gloves on and proceed to animal areas.

Taking Booties Off

  1. Start with both feet in the clean area with booties on.
  2. Take off the first bootie and step into the “dirty” area by placing foot, without bootie, across the green line.
  3. Remove the second bootie and step into the “no-booties needed/dirty” area.
  4. Remove the rest of your disposable PPE, place in trash barrel, and exit.