Regulatory Framework

The following reports, issued by NSABB, relate to oversight and outreach strategies for dual use research of concern:

  • Proposed Framework for the Oversight of Dual Use Life Sciences Research: Strategies for Minimizing the Potential Misuse of Research Information (2007) Excerpt (pg. ii): “In this report, the NSABB identifies principles that should underpin the oversight of dual use life sciences research, lists key features of such oversight…and proposes roles and responsibilities for researchers, institutions, the institutional review entity, and the NSABB and other federal government entities. The report also describes the major steps in local oversight of dual use life sciences research, including evaluation of life sciences research for its dual use potential, review of research identified as being potentially dual use of concern, conduct of dual use research of concern in accordance with risk management strategies, and responsible communication of research with dual use potential.”
  • Strategic Plan for Outreach and Education on Dual Use Research Issues (2008) Excerpt (pg. 1): “A key element of the NSABB’s charge also is to provide recommendations on the development of programs for outreach, education, and training on dual use research issues for all scientists and laboratory workers at federally funded institutions. The purpose of this report is to recommend to the federal government a comprehensive plan toward fulfillment of that charge.”