The training mandates include:

  • Initial safety training prior to any individual working in or around a research-related facility;
  • Hazard-specific training;
  • Periodic refresher training; and
  • On-the-job mentorship provided by a designated mentor [i.e., principal investigator (PI), laboratory director, laboratory safety coordinator (LSC)].

The fundamental goal of the training program is to ensure that all individuals working in the laboratory have adequate didactic and hands-on training to perform their activities in a manner consistent with the culture of safety established at BU and BMC.

To meet these goals, the training program is designed to meet the following standards of excellence:

  • Emphasize the importance of the culture of safety at BU and BMC;
  • Robust and comprehensive in nature;
  • Logically and modularly designed;
  • Based on didactic and hands-on requirements;
  • Focused on the functions performed by the individual;
  • Compliant with regulatory requirements;
  • Provides training for safe routine operations and for unplanned events;
  • Is based on a partnership between operations and science programs;
  • Fully engages laboratory practitioners throughout development and implementation; and
  • Become a model program for other institutions.