Comprehensive Laboratory Inspection Program (CLIP)

Research laboratories use a variety of hazardous materials (e.g., chemical, biological, radiological), and potentially hazardous procedures and equipment (e.g., centrifuges, x-rays, lasers) that carry the potential for causing physical injuries (e.g., via pressurized vessels, vacuum systems) or general fire or life safety hazards (e.g., via flammable materials, electrical/electronic equipment).

All of these substances, equipment, and activities are governed by a myriad of regulations that have been promulgated by local, state, and/or federal agencies. Many of these regulations require oversight provisions that mandate:

  • The submission of an application for review and approval (e.g., biological materials use);
  • The tracking of activities post-approval (e.g., environmental health and safety surveillance) and periodic reviews, audits, and inspections;
  • Maintaining detailed inventories of hazardous materials (e.g., chemical or radiological), animals, and controlled substances;
  • Training programs for individuals engaged in research activities; and
  • Unannounced inspections by the regulatory agencies.

For a detailed overview of the CLIP, please see the following sections: