Export Control Forms

The forms below were developed to help you with export control determination and compliance documentation. Principal investigators that work on projects subject to US export controls are required to complete relevant forms and include them in the Technology Control Plan. The University Export Control Officer (export@bu.edu) is available to provide assistance with completing these forms and documenting export control decisions. All other University employees are encouraged to use relevant forms as appropriate to document compliance with US export controls.

Keep in mind that all documentation related to export controls (international shipments, Technology Control Plan, denied party screening, temporary travel or exports, research abroad, etc.) must be kept on file for five years from the conclusion of the activity or expiration of a license. More information on the documentation requirement can be found in the Export Compliance Manual or obtained by the University Export Control Officer.

Principal Investigators submitting proposals to OSP are required to complete the following forms:

PI Export Control Checklist

If this is your first time completing the PI Export Control Checklist, it might be helpful to review the “Export Control Checklist Explanations.” Alternatively, you can contact the University Export Control Officer (export@bu.edu or 617-353-6753) to provide assistance with completing the checklist.

NASA Checklist (for Principal Investigators submitting proposals to NASA)

Principal Investigators traveling abroad should complete the GPS/Laptop Checklist and keep it on file for 5 years after the trip:

Laptop/GPS Checklist

To ensure compliance with export controls, members of Boston University traveling abroad with data, hardware, materials, samples, proprietary information, and/or software subject to Export Administration Regulations, International Traffic in Arms Regulations, the Center for Disease Control licensing authority, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or any other agency, should contact the University Export Control Officer for assistance in securing an export license or any other approval if necessary. The University Export Control Officer will help you determine licensing requirements and will assist you with all paperwork necessary to pass through Customs. See the online training related to International Travel for additional information.

In addition, the University Export Control Officer will assist with securing a “clean” laptop for travel.

Principal Investigators/Lab Managers are strongly encouraged to use the following forms when shipping abroad:

Export Shipping Checklist Under EAR

Denied Party Screening Form

You are welcome to use your own process to document export control decisions. Keep in mind that you are required to keep shipping records on file for five years after the shipment is made or later if shipping under an export license. The University Export Control Officer is available to assist with international shipping requirements.

Any member of Boston University interested in shipping ITAR controlled items, software, and/or data abroad should contact the University Export Control Officer (export@bu.edu) for assistance prior to the shipment.

Principal Investigators working on controlled research are required to develop a Technology Control Plan, which includes the forms. You are only required to complete the necessary forms, and the University Export Control Officer is able to help determine these requirements:

Technology Control Plan Template

Acknowledgment of Tehcnology Control Plan Foreign National

Acknowledgment of Tehcnology Control Plan-US Person

Research Project Employee List

Student Authorization Form

Vendor Verification Letter